international project meetings

The project will organize five meetings in different countries, hosted by project partners with the participation of all network members and local citizens. Due to Covid19 some meetings will be held in a hybrid format.  

bringing partners together for face-to-face debates and study visits of partner organizations and communities in latvia, croatia, poland, bulgaria and lithuania.

Three of the international project meetings will be hosted by European Capitals of Cultures: Rijeka (2020), Plovdiv (2019) and Kaunas (2022). Sharing their experience brings an added value to the Network.

keeping the debate alive - continuing the discussions and linking up the international project meetings with active thematic online debates

​The 7 project Online Debates serve a very important role in keeping close communication between project partners and providing more space for discussing and exchange of good practices.

local events

​All 15 member organizations of the Intercultural Dialogue Network will organize local events with the active participation of local decision-makers, CSOs and citizens. Th events will debate on local and EU policy recommendations for  ICD and inclusion.

reaching out to the local communities and organizations. involving them in a civic debate and drafting of local and european policy recommendations

The local project activities are the one of the main tools for mobilizing local stakeholders in debating local and European strategies for intercultural dialogue and European polieis for inclusion of migrants and minorities.  

online debates

​The network intended to organize 5 online debates, involving at least 40 participants from the 14 partner countries.

However, due to the pandemics-induced project prolongation, the network decided to organize 7 online debates intead.